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5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Chinese Dim Sum

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Chinese Dim Sum

Chinese Dim Sum literally means “to touch one’s heart” and it is often linked with the Cantonese’s Yum Cha or an eating method where drinking tea is accompanied by steamed dumplings served in tiny, circular baskets made from bamboo. It is an old Chinese tradition that was made popular through the teahouses commonly found in rural, farming areas.

晶瑩鮮蝦餃 Steamed Shrimp Dumpling


Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

Today, Dim Sum is seen offered all over China, from the pearl balls in Shanghai, spicy wontons in Szechuan, and the jiaozi in Beijing. However, one may argue that the best Dim Sum is from Hong Kong due to the variety and presence of the best Cantonese chefs. In this city, a person can get a delicious serving of Dim Sum starting at 6:30 in the morning, which continues until mid-afternoon.

Still not convinced? Here is five reasons why people should start eating Chinese Dim Sum.


1) Chinese Dim Sum represents the traditions and culture of China thus making it a perfect example of an extraordinary culinary and gastronomical art.

Dim Sum is a cooking method of which not all chefs are aware of. It takes practice, skills, and mastery before anyone can make a perfect batch, let alone a single dumpling.


2) It is a fun way to meet new friends or entertain old ones.

As there is a sense of exoticness and rarity in eating Chinese Dim Sum, most Asian looks at is as a great way to introduce their culture and their food to their foreign friends from all over-the-world. Dim Sum is best eaten with friends or when shared with other people.


3)  Chinese Dim Sum are available on every food corner.

Hong Kong continues to be the melting pot of Dim Sum, where locals and tourists can find themselves surrounded by tea houses, Dim Sum places and even street food hotspots. Being the Chinese comfort food means being available 24/7 whenever, wherever.


4) It is a very delicious delicacy.

Whether sweet or savory, piping hot or fantastically cool, Chinese Dim Sum is the ultimate feast for the taste buds. There are several flavors a customer can identify by simply biting into a dumpling. Sweet, salty, savory, and spicy, Dim Sum takes the dining experience into a whole new level.


5) Chinese Dim Sum serves as the quintessential Cantonese or Hong Kong experience.

The tradition, the trolleys, the bamboo baskets, and the more than 100 variations available, it is the best way to welcome anyone in a new country, especially in Hong Kong where this one-of-a-kind food is most often served.


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