Relax Dimsum Specialty Store
  • 點心到會、零售批發晶瑩鮮蝦餃
  • 點心到會、零售批發掛爐燒鴨
  • 點心到會、零售批發化皮腩仔
  • 點心到會、零售批發豉椒金錢肚
  • 點心到會、零售批發五香牛肚
  • 點心到會、零售批發手磨芝麻糊



輕鬆點心(Relax Dim Sum Specialty Store)是在香港經營多年的點心專門店,主要業務包括點心零售、點心批發、點心到會服務。我們本著以客為尊的宗旨,不單開設以輕鬆為品牌的食肆餐館,更引進先進設備,設立中央廚房,以高格衛生標準,為忙碌的上班族、家庭、同學聚餐、或商務款待客戶,提供各種點心美食。我們的食品包括不同款式的派對套餐、經典點心、養顏甜品、明爐燒味、牛腩牛什、扒類、咖喱、扣肉、雲吞、沙律、意粉、拼盤等等。我們嚴格監控食品衛生,是讓顧客安心的點心專門店。


Relax Dim Sum Specialty Store

Relax Dim Sum Specialty Store is a Hong Kong based Chinese Dim Sum specialist for more than tens years. We are a customer-oriented dim sum specialty store with good reputation offering dim sum retail, dim sum wholesale, and dim sum catering. We set up our Hong Kong full food factory licensed central kitchen to provide wide varieties of dim sum and foods such as party packages for different social gatherings and events, Chinese dim sum, deserts, Chinese barbecue, steak, curry, pork, wonton, salad, pasta, platters and more. Our strict food hygiene control and prompt delivery make us your reliable dim sum specialty store for high quality dim sum and foods.