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Why You Should Choose Dim Sum Catering for Your Wedding Day

Why You Should Choose Dim Sum Catering for Your Wedding Day

Wedding is considered as one of the most memorable events in a person’s life so every single detail should be planned carefully. When it comes to the wedding reception, couples choose to serve it during lunch or dinner but why go for traditional when you can add a twist?


In most Asian countries like Hong Kong, a brunch reception is now becoming a trend because it gives the celebration a lighter touch, starting with the foods being offered. As it usually starts at around 11 in the morning until two in the afternoon, guests are not ready to gobble up heavy meals right away. This is where Chinese Dim Sums comes in, offering a variety of flavors that are not as heavy nor as light.


Here is a list of reasons why you should give Dim Sum catering a try on your wedding day.


1) Dim Sum catering gives many options but at a more affordable price.

Since it’s a brunch reception, it easily becomes a cost-effective treat to the couple as it does not include so many course like that of lunch or dinner. Most Chinese Dim Sum catering services offer packages for wedding or events that bundle up the food, waiters, and serving plates needed. Dim Sum gives guests that satiated feeling without being bloated or too full.


2) Dim Sum is a tasty treat that guests will love.

As a cultural food, Dim Sum offers not only sweet or savory taste but also a traditional learning through the intricate way Dim Sums are presented and cooked. Case in point, the shu mai wherein the Dim Sum Chef delicately seal each filling in soft wonton wrapper and carefully steam them in perfection. Delicious, meaty, and savory, locals and foreign guests will love every bit of Dim Sum presented to them.


3) Offering a Dim Sum buffet can feel both festive and formal.

Thinking of doing a brunch reception but making it a little more formal? Dim Sum is best served with tea so while it is presented in traditional bamboo baskets, tea may be offered using fine chinaware.


4) Easy to eat yet not as messy as other brunch options.

Dim Sum caterers showcase their wonderfully-crafted dumplings in traditional bamboo baskets and can be eaten using chopsticks. There is no need for other utensils making it one of the easiest foods to eat. Dipping sauce are provided in small saucers which can be personalized to add a sense of formality to the reception.


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