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Tips for Choosing Dim Sum Catering Services for Conferences and Meetings

Tips for Choosing Dim Sum Catering Services for Conferences and Meetings

Big company events are easier to manage than in-house meetings or small conferences because the bigger the audience, the easier they are to feed. A smaller crowd tends to be picky and fussy about the food they are served that is why it is very important to come up with a great selection of dishes in these small company affairs.


Chinese Dim Sum can be a great choice because it is known by almost everyone in Hong Kong, offers a variety of taste, and can be easily eaten even while listening to someone talk. However, choosing the right Dim Sum catering service supplier to provide the best Dim Sum can be trickier.


Here is a list of tips that help determine which Dim Sum catering service to choose.


1) Look for a Dim Sum catering services that offers a wide array of Dim Sum, not just specific types.

Request for a menu first before anything else as it is best to ask if they allow customized menu once the menu items have been thoroughly examined. The host of the conference or meeting can pick what to include in the Dim Sum baskets or she’s feeling too lazy to pick which ones to serve, try inquiring if they can make a specifically designed menu for the company’s guests.


2) Check out the credentials of the catering services.

The Internet can be a powerful provider of information. If a Dim Sum catering services is popular and really good as they claim to be, chances are they have a website or people have reviewed their services online. Read through reviews.


3) Be sure that the Dim Sum catering services can accommodate corporate events.

Ask them if they are able to do a minimal set-up for meetings or conferences and if they can function in a small space like boardrooms or meeting rooms.


4) Check out if they provide their own Chef and waiters.

Some Dim Sum catering services say they have their own chef and waiters but be sure to verify this beforehand as it will be difficult to function without these two. A sure way to know is if they request for service charge for the Chef and waiters.


5) Besides the Dim Sum, ask if they offer tea.

To provide an authentic experience to the guests attending the conference and meetings, it is best to check if the catering service is willing to offer different types of tea. Go for green, white and brown which is best for weight loss, getting rid of toxins, and calming the nerves, respectively.


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