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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Dim Sum Family Style

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Dim Sum Family Style

Celebrating Chinese New Year means looking for the best restaurant that serves dumplings or yum cha style food offerings but why opt for eating out when you can celebrate the welcoming of the new lunar year at home, with your family and friends?  As the lunar year makes a complete revamp, it is best to say hello by opening your home as the venue to bring luck, prosperity, and joy.


In order to recreate the best Chinese New Year celebration at home, make sure to cleanse first the venue with home sprays bearing quince to attract positive energy and release the old, negative ones. Keep it traditional with bright color of red as the motif and preparing suckling pigs that are crisply made and roasted to perfection. Have sweet candies and sugar-coated fruit preserves to be served during the meal and for kids to munch on.


Here is a list of a few tips on how to make your Chinese New Year festive with Dim Sum. 繼續閱讀