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Opening a Restaurant? Tips on Buying Dim Sum Wholesale

Opening a Restaurant? Tips on Buying Dim Sum Wholesale

While it may sound very intimidating and risky to open a restaurant in Hong Kong, especially with the high prices of rent, chances are, it will survive if the food offered is something both the locals and tourists love. Being the eating capital of Asia, Hong Kong offers a wide array of food choices, from imported food trends to local cuisines.


As it is very risky to open a new food business in Hong Kong, relying on the traditional food like Chinese Dim Sum may be the best option for budding restaurateurs as it already has an established following. From elderly to families, students and working people, Dim Sum is definitely a staple that almost everyone in Hong Kong loves.


For the Dim Sum that will be served in the restaurant, it’s best to buy it in bulk especially if there is no Dim Sum chef on-board. Here is a few tips when buying Dim Sum wholesale. 繼續閱讀