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Hosting a Chinese Dim Sum Birthday Party Using Dim Sum Catering

Hosting a Chinese Dim Sum Birthday Party Using Dim Sum Catering

Chinese Dim Sum is a traditional meal which consists of several small dishes in a bamboo basket which may be served in individual plates. It is best eaten with tea which is why most Chinese teahouses call the process “yum cha”. Nowadays, most people interchange the two as it becomes more popular and trendier locally and in abroad.


Yum cha involves serving a wide array of food that is why most people are intimidated to recreate it at home for special occasions such as birthday parties and social gatherings. However, as there are now several Chinese Dim Sum wholesale and catering service suppliers around Hong Kong, these Dim Sum can be easily prepared.


Here is a few tips on how to host your own Chinese Dim Sum birthday party using Dim Sum catering services.


1) Recreate the traditional scene for your Dim Sum party.

As Dim Sum is already traditional, there is no need to go crazy with the decorations. Instead, turn the table into a Chinese setting by including chopsticks, China bowls, dipping saucers, and a Chinese tea set. Make the tablecloth simple with a touch of green or brown to add to the old China ambiance.


2) Look for a credible Dim Sum catering supplier for authentic dumplings.

Read through all the feedback, check the kinds of Dim Sum they offer, and make sure to get several kinds to add a diverse food selection during the birthday party. High-quality ingredients make the dumplings taste as authentic as possible and the addition of sauces like hoisin, soy sauce, and sesame oil make the taste even better.


3) Look for authentic and different kinds of tea to go well with the dumplings, recreating the perfect yum cha experience.

Tea is the best accompaniment for Dim Sum but make sure to identify which goes well with which. Green, oolong, and Jasmine tea are the better option because they are traditional and provide health benefits as well.


4) Don’t just go for savory, offer dessert Dim Sum as well.

Crowd pleasers are steamed pork buns, pork and prawn shiu mai, shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, and congee. However, serving egg tarts, deep fried egg puffs, and mangi pudding may also be a great dessert option to have a sweet ending.


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