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每天,在輕鬆點心專門店 (Relax Dimsum Specialty Store) 的香港點心製作工場,一班技巧熟練的點心師傅,用心製作每件點心,務求保持香港點心的精髓,新鮮、味美、精緻、傳統與創新。這些品質上乘的點心,會由我們的車隊人員,第一時間送到各大酒樓、酒店、餐館和飲食團體。當食客品嚐我們精緻的中式點心時,點心的新鮮、味美,令客人回味無窮。



Dim Sum wholesale

Relax Dim Sum Specialty Store offers Dim Sum wholesale services to restaurants, food stores, and hotels in Hong Kong for years. All Dim Sum and foods are prepared in high quality by our specialist chefs in our Hong Kong food factory licensed central kitchen. We have our logistic team to ensure prompt delivery in good food condition. Besides, we also provide Dim Sum retail and Dim Sum catering services for private and corporate parties and social gatherings.

If you are seeking for a quality Dim Sum wholesale supplier for superior Chinese Dim Sum and foods, please contact us now for details.

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