Relax Dimsum Specialty Store


輕鬆點心專門店 (Relax Dimsum Specialty Store) 提供多元化服務,包括: 點心批發、點心到會、還有點心零售服務,讓您隨時隨地享用我們為你獻上的精緻點心。輕鬆點心的款式多采多姿,客戶可選擇訂購12人派對套餐、24人派對套餐,或自選餐單。無論是家庭聚會、公司聚餐、朋友交往聚餐、或任何喜慶節日,輕鬆點心到會服務都能讓大家足不出戶,享用精緻味美的點心,增添歡樂時光。



Dim Sum catering

Relax Dim Sum Specialty Store offers varieties of services such as Dim Sum wholesale, Dim Sum retail and Dim Sum catering so that you may enjoy our delicious Dim Sum and food at any time and place you prefer. Our wide-range of Dim Sum and food selection suits your private and corporate party requirements. You may select party set for 12 PAX or 24 PAX, or a-la-carte menu (with tailor services). Relax Dim Sum Catering enjoys good reputation in catering services for conferences, meetings, buffet, parties, weddings and  other social gatherings, hence ensuring your satisfaction and pleasure in these activities.

For details of our Dim Sum catering, please contact us now.


fax傳真:2558 0811

call電話:2558 2188

whatsappwhatsapp:6822 2660


訂 購 零 售 須 知 (Terms and Conditions)


1. 請於最少5個工作天前訂購。節日旺季請提前7天訂購。
2. 送餐前 [五個工作天],支付訂單 「全數」 金額。以確實定購。
3. 付款: 存款至「君匯餐飲管理有限公司」之中國銀行(香港)有限公司,戶口號碼 012-677-00076841」可使用(a)自動櫃員機 (中銀或南洋商業銀行); (b)到銀行存現金 或 現金支票。如支票過數,請預早入票,交易[五個工作天]前到戸作實。恕不接受信用咭/易辦事付款。
4. 將(i)訂單表(填上訂購人姓名,電話); (ii)自動櫃員機/ 銀行入數紙, 傳送至本公司。方法可選:

  • 傳真: 2558 0811 / WhatsApp: 6822 2660 / 電郵:
  • 5. 我們將回電,確認訂購内容。訂購一經接納,恕不能更改或取消,所付款項將不獲退還。
    6. 本餐單之售價不包括送貨服務費, 詳見「送貨服務收費表」。如需經樓梯搬運,需按情況另加運費。服務不包括離島及交通不便之偏遠地區。
    7. 在八號或更高颱風訊號、紅色或黑色暴雨警告生效時,送遞服務將暫停, 並有專人與閣下聯絡,另作安排。如遇惡劣天氣或其他不可控制的情況,送遞服務可能延遲。
    8. 所有訂購食物將以紙盒或錫紙盤盛載,並附上適量之即棄餐具。如有任何爭議,「君匯餐飲管理有限公司」保留最終決定權。
    9. 最低訂購金額為 HKD $1,388。

    1. Please place order at least 5 working days in advance. Peak Festive Period – 7 days in advance.
    2. To confirm order, please settle “FULL Payment” 5 WORKING DAYS before the delivery date.
    3. Payment: Pay to “Good World Food & Beverage Management Limited” Bank of China (HONG KONG) Ltd, Account no 012-677-00076841 – through either (a) ATM of Bank of China (HK), or Nanyang Commercial Bank Ltd; (b) bank-in Cash or Cash cheque to the captioned account. If cheque requires processing, please ensure transaction is completed 5 days before delivery. Credit card/EPS payment is not accepted.
    4. Send (i) Food Order Form (with contact person’s name, phone no) (ii) ATM / bank deposit slip(s) to us, by either:

  • Fax: 2558 0811 / WhatsApp: 6822 2660 / Email:
  • 5. We shall return phone to confirm your order. Once order is confirmed, no change / cancelling of food ordered is allowed. Also, refund of payment could not be arranged.
    6. Delivery fee will be charged separately, refer to “Fee Schedule for Delivery Service” for details. If delivery location is not lift-landed, extra fee will be charged. Outlying islands & remote area could be not served.
    7. During black or red rainstorm warning / Typhoon signal No. 8 or above, delivery service will be suspended, and we shall contact you to discuss new delivery arrangement. In case of bad weather/ uncontrollable conditions, delivery service may be delayed.
    8. All food will be packaged in paper boxes or aluminum foil containers. Limited disposable dining sets will be provided. “Good World Food and Beverage Management Limited” reserves the right for final decision in case of dispute.
    9. Minimum Ordering Amount is HKD $1,388.